Iris Jönsthövel



IRIS  JÖNSTHÖVEL is a creative in the realm of tangible media and material design who is dedicated to creating new ways of communication & interaction with technology that go way beyond the world of flat screens.

Her method is rooted in experiment, curiosity and imagination which leads to designs with eclectic aesthetics - always with a dash of tactility. She merges her devotion for the outdoors with a deep curiosity for the human experience, forming a delicate balance between mind and body in the concepts she designs.

Iris has a longing for a wild, creative, intentional life and is a true believer of infusing the every day life with the beauty and wonder of the imagination. Surrounding herself with bright minds from various types of disciplines has enabled her to connect the analytical with the conceptual perspective and develop a better understanding of both perspectives on the world.

Currently based in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, but escaping to the Fontainebleau forest in France as much as possible to enjoy some outdoor climbing.


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Conceptual Design

Creative Direction

Product Design & Packaging

Soft Goods

Texture & Prints design

Graphic & Logo design

Brand & Identity design

Facilitation, teaching & speaking

Creative workshop facilitation

Event presentation

Teaching on tangible material design



Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands

Department of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE)

Master of Science (MSc) in Design for Interaction

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Industrial Design Engineering




A collection of creative thoughts, experiments and observations across the disciplines of arts, sciences, humanities and technology.



What others say

" For Iris, clearing the air and getting to the bottom of the challenge is second nature. She thrives on action, experimentation, moving prototypes and meaningful conversations. She does so with a clarity of mind and diligence that I thrive on! "

- Kate Okrasinski, co-founder Skyhövel


What others say

“Iris will act with creativity, imagination, conviction and sensitivity in every project she engages in and is supportive of everyone she works with. Her collaborative approach, eagerness to learn, and imaginative mind make her a sincere and colourful individual to have on your team.”

- Prof. dr. Paul Hekkert





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Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands


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